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Pipeline Coatings Systems, LLC (PCS200)


Through years of developing advanced specialty products for our clients, we have detected a need in the Pipeline Integrity Industry for a superior and “True Epoxy” product for Cold-weather application. We embarked on this journey capitalizing on our knowledge and experience behind the scenes in product development.

The team developed, tested, and refined the formulation. Through hard work and dedication, we achieved the long-desired goal of creating these Pipeline Coatings Systems that can meet and exceed the demands of the industry, and be introduced as the “True Epoxy” Pipeline coating for cold weather.

With the development of our cold weather product accomplished, our next pursuit was in developing the Standard Temperature Hi-Build, Hot Weather, and ARO coatings. To complete this supreme product line, all developed with you and the Industry’s success in mind.

Pipeline Coatings Systems. LLC was established to launch these cutting-edge products into the marketplace. Extensive testing has been performed and successfully passed. Throughout the development process we kept our continued commitment to the highest of quality paramount.

With the development work of the core products complete, we are now thrilled to be able to speak of and finally offer, the complete PCS200 Series coatings line to the industry.

We thank you for your interest in the PCS200 Series Coatings Products. We look forward to exceeding your expectations, with not only our products, but our service as well. Let us know how we can help you achieve excellence in your next project.

Product Description:

Advanced epoxy pipeline coatings that are 100% solids, contain no VOC’s and are isocyanate and peroxide free and non-flammable. Applied as a two-component coatings system that can be brushed or sprayed. They have high build capacity while offering excellent pot life and fast curing. Engineered for single coat applications that can be performed in the field or in plant, offering specially designed formulas to provide the best in class performance for your application needs.


Corrosion protection coating for:

  • Girth Welds
  • Piping
  • Specials
  • Tie-ins
  • FBE repairs
  • Coating Rehabilitations

*Formulated with sufficient hardness and abrasion resistance for most slip-bore and directional drilling applications.


  • High-Build
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High abrasion resistance, suitable for horizontal drilling applications
  • Impact resistant
  • Fast touch, dry and cure times
  • VOC free, 100% solids
  • Does NOT shield cathodic protection
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and FBE
  • Can be applied with brush, roller or spray
  • Superior cathodic disbondment resistance
  • Long pot-life & fast cure
  • Available in a variety of packaging option

Meets & compliant with: AWWA C-210-92, ISO 21809-3, CSA Z245.30 & NACE standards

Product Line
Longer | Faster | Better



Cold Weather Epoxy Coating

Designed for application & curing in cold weather. A true epoxy, not a peroxide cured / vinyl ester, as are some brittle cold weather products in the marketplace. This epoxy coating is non-flammable and free of VOC’s. PCS200-35 Cold Weather Epoxy Coating’s application temperature and curing ranges were previously not covered by any “true epoxy” coatings already in the marketplace.

Developed for applications temperature of 20°F to 55°F (-6° to 12°C) and services temps of -40° to 190°F (-40° to 87° C).Coating will continue to cure at 20° F+

Note: Product can be applied at lower temperatures when substrate surface is preheated, and temperature is held > 20° F during curing process.



Epoxy Pipeline Coating (long pot-life & fast cure)

Developed to compete with the standard epoxy coatings in the marketplace. The PCS200 65 shows outstanding workability and pot life while offering the best in class curing time. Wide temperature range for application and service life. A single coat high build epoxy.

Developed for applications temperature of 55° to 95°F (12° to 35°C) and services temps of -40° to 190°F (-40° to 87° C).



Hot Weather Epoxy Coating

Designed for use in hot environments and on warm operating pipelines. They have the same outstanding characteristics as the PCS200 65 and are specially formulated for better workability and performance in hot weather environments. They sustain longer pot life in extreme heat but still offer excellent curing times. Pot life of up to 20 minutes at 95°F (35°C).

Developed for applications temperature of >80°F (27°C) and services temps of -40° to 190°F (-40° to 87° C).



Rapid Repair Epoxy Kit (50ml)

2 part repair cartridge developed to be dry to the touch in roughly 9 min. at 75°F (23°C). This saves time on the small repairs and allows for holiday testing, “Jeeping”, of repaired coating in 15 minutes.



Abrasion Resistant Overcoat

Developed to fill the void where others in the marketplace leave off. The special combination of hardness, abrasion resistance and gouge resistance while keeping the flexibly often needed during HDD applications. It is designed to have strong adhesion to bare steel or existing FBE coatings. The PCS200 ARO-1 is easy to install in the shop or field. Additionally, it is able to achieve a 80 + durometer in less than 24 hours.

Pipeline Coatings Systems, LLC (PCS200)

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